Ruby Usman

Ruby was born in the slums of Karachi, Pakistan. She has experienced sexual abuse at the hands of many men as a child; some of them strangers and others, close family members. She grew up as a Muslim woman and experienced violence as an integral part of society and culture. She now writes about these traditions and hopes that by starting these debates, a new face of Islam is revealed. A new Islam with love, compassion and forgiveness for ALL irrespective of their gender, race and colour.


  1. Deborah
    May 5, 2018 @ 4:58 pm

    Wow! This has certainly given me some food for thought.
    Thankyou for sharing Ruby.

    • Ruby Usman
      May 5, 2018 @ 6:01 pm

      Thank you Deborah. It has taken me sometime for me to raise my voice about all this but I think the time has come…

  2. shagufta
    May 6, 2018 @ 2:52 am

    That is so true, I was victim twice but thanks to Ruby, she supported me and helped me to get out of that stage , I can say she is my PERSON!! love you rubes

    • Ruby Usman
      May 6, 2018 @ 9:21 am

      Thank you sis. It means a lot to me to have your support and acknowledgment and appreciation