You have been taught many things.

Your have been taught many of Allah’s commandments.

Have you been taught that Allah has deemed men better than women. After all HE created Adam first…

Have you ever wondered if this may not be the case?

What if

  • What if the Quran reads the way it does because it is interpreted by patriarchal men for the past 1400 years?
  • What if you are a magnificent woman because that’s how Allah has created you?
  • What if you are worthy of love, respect and admiration?
  • What if the shame that you feel inside of you is just given to you by society because they want to control you?

The Unshaming Project encourages you to ask these difficult questions.

The Unshaming Project encourages you to wonder about your place in this world

The Unshaming Project encourages you to look deep inside and find ways to peel off the layers of shame that are not yours to carry.

I was a shamed woman. I grew up in the slums of Karachi, Pakistan. I was abused, sexually abused and shamed by the culture and by the intrinsic values of subservience and honour that are taught to women in Pakistan.

Somehow my mother taught me to see beyond these values of oppression. She taught me to find my own truth and seek Allah, who is loving, merciful and has no need to control me with the threats of the Hell in the afterlife.

It is these questions that have allowed me to find my own truth.

It is these questions that have earned me the love and respect that I always deserved.

Maybe you are ready to ask these questions. Maybe you aren’t. I still encourage you to be part of this conversation. Who knows, maybe Allah will guide you in finding a new relationship with Islam. A relationship that is based upon love, compassion and forgiveness.

Because I believe:

We are all equal and worthy of respect, love and contribution into a society.


This site is not about scholarly knowledge about the Quran and Islam. It is simply a way of looking at how Islam is practised today in Pakistan and similar other cultures, especially in relation to women’s rights. It is about looking at the intrinsic values of Islam and separating the abuse and oppression of women and find the true spirit of Islam.

No one can teach you that. You have to find your own truth and your own mentors who guide you to find your path.

Throughout my life in Pakistan, I didn’t question. I accepted cultures and traditions as they were taught to me. I never dared to say No to my husband for sex because I thought that was my duty, no matter how much it hurt and burnt. I now know that this wasn’t Islam and I only know that because I started to question instead of blindly believing in everything that I heard.