Is for women who believe that they are inferior and don’t deserve love and respect…

… and wonder why they feel so shamed?

Is for women who abandon their own sexuality…

… and wonder what they did to deserve this?

Is for women who continue accepting abuse in the name of honour

… and hope that Allah will reward them in the afterlife

What am I Offering?

Knowledge and Awareness

When we are aware, we can bring about any change. I share my thoughts and experiences on this website as well as many social media platforms. Join me in any or all of these communities

Personal Conversation

I want to know how I can help you? I want to know what would make life better for women in Pakistan and such other cultures.

I am waiting to hear from you…

Courses and Workshops

Stay tuned as I Intend to create courses and workshops so you can learn and create a life for yourself.

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Why do I Care?

Ruby in Floods

I care because I want our suffering to end…

It took me years to become aware of the shame that I felt in the slums of Karachi, Pakistan. 

I suffered and I saw so many others suffer too: my aunties being beaten by their husbands; my girlfriends being abused, starved and beaten at the hand of their husbands and in-laws.

And society continued to ask women to accept this abuse.

They said “this is how an honourable woman must behave”

They said “you will get a reward in the afterlife”

I say that this is not what Allah would have wanted for us. I believe that Allah has created as magnificent women and we must embrace ourselves if we were to rise above this abuse.

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